Frequently Asked Questions

Work From Home Helpers is a directory website that allows parents and guardians to connect with wonderful “Helpers” who can engage children in educational or creative video call sessions. Our services gives parents and guardians an opportunity to get some work done (or just some time to themselves), while their child is getting the assistance and attention they deserve. Helpers are skilled in entertaining kids from ages 3 – 12+ and we have both tutors and experienced nannies on the platform.

As a parent or guardian, you can browse our website for a selection of amazing Helpers. When you find a Helper that looks like they’d be a great fit for your child, you can send them a message via their profile to request a session.

Each Helper has their own hourly rate, and you can find that rate listed on the Helper’s profile. Currently, Work From Home Helpers does not offer a payment service directly through our website, so  parents/guardians and Helpers must arrange payment themselves. However, we are working on a payment option via our website and this feature will be available soon.

Helpers are skilled in entertaining kids from ages 3+, but we have had a the most success with sessions for children ages 4 and up. Our Helpers are well trained in keeping children entertained (even virtually) so even if you think your child may be too young, give it a try and you might be pleasantly surprised!

All Helpers must go through a thorough application process. We only accept Helpers that have completed reference checks and have a proven history of successful childcare.

Yes! Many of our Helpers are available for homework help, language learning, and tutoring. Just keep an eye out for the services they offer when you’re searching for a Helper.

You and the Helper may choose whichever video calling platform you’d like for the session. Zoom has been a popular option because the kiddos have loved the virtual background options!

Yes! Many of our Helpers offer group sessions and they will have group rates for this service. Group rates are per child per hour. When searching for a Helper, make sure to tick the “Offers group sessions” box on the search page.

You can also take a look at our Group Sessions page for pre-scheduled workshops and classes from some amazing organisations.

Session length is up to you and the Helper. Once you send a Helper a message, you’ll be able to work out the details of timing and scheduling directly with them. We have found that the average session is usually about an hour.

We recommend all parents/guardians set up a 10-15 minute introductory call with the Helper before the session. Helpers will normally offer this as a complimentary service. This intro call is to help the parent/guardian and Helper get to know each other a little bit better, and also means that the Helper can let the parent/guardian know if there are any tools or supplies they will need to have set up for the session.

We also recommend that your child is present in the room for this but they do not need to be actively part of the call. This way they will also get a brief introduction to the Helper which will often get them excited about the session!

That is completely up to you! You are more than welcome to supervise the session, but our lovely Helpers are here to help you get some time to do work or just some time to yourself, so if you feel comfortable then we suggest you take advantage of the opportunity!

We highly recommend that your child is able to have their own device during the session.

That is up to you! You are more than welcome to book sessions with any and all of the Helpers on our platform. If the session is a success, you are easily able to book another session with that same Helper.

Still have a question? Send us a message.